Lessons & Rates

Lessons with Vance

Lessons are geared toward each individual students interests and needs. We will concentrate on the basic fundamentals of technique, coordination, reading and improvisation needed for playing the drums. We will also learn basic care and tuning of drums, how to play different styles of music and much more!

STUDIO V – Seattle’s Premier Drum Lesson Studio!

Studio V has been designed to provide students with a complete, comfortable, and fun environment in which to learn drums!
My studio has two full 5-piece drum sets and a professional sound system for playing and recording music. I have a guitar, bass guitar, and percussion instruments to play along with my drum students. I also have a computer with iTunes, YouTube and CD/DVD players to play music for students to drum to. Studio V is well equipped to help give the best learning environment for all my drum students!

Vance’s primary studio “Studio V, is located inside StudioWorks in Ballard.

Lesson Policy

Students are expected to practice regularly and attend one lesson per week consistently. Payment for lessons are due at the first of each month. Fees for cancelled lessons or no shows will be forfeited. Missed lessons due to emergency or illness may be re-scheduled within one month. Advance notice of at least 24 hours is required. Cancelled lessons by the instructor will be rescheduled within one month or the lesson will be pro-rated into the next month.

Lesson Fees

  • 1 Hour Lesson = $50.00
  • 45 Minute Lesson = $45.00
  • 30 Minute Lesson = $35.00

Check, Cash, and PayPay all work good for lessons payments.

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“I started taking drums lesson as part of my New Years resolutions last year. Vance has been a great teacher and has provided a solid foundation for drumming. I feel like my skills are steadily improving with each lesson, thanks to his personalized approach to teaching  and the wide variety of techniques we cover each week.”   – Danyella J.


“When I first started taking lessons from Vance 16 years ago, I could hardly play drums in front of Vance, even though I practiced my lesson diligently.  I had a severe case of stage fright.  Since that time, I have been in 5 bands and actually been a lead singer in one of the bands. This would have not been possible without Vance’s great teaching ability and kindness. Vance could see that I was overly self critical and was able to give me techniques to help get out of my own head.  I don’t care how slow you play, just be crisp… That was his mantra. The speed will come as you practice. He was so right. My drum lessons with Vance are the fastest hours of the week. We practice from the drum books he assigns, then he lets me play a song or two that I’ve been working on. He usually plays along with me, which really adds to the fun. Vance is a very patient teacher. He is always kind to his students even when we are not at our best. His teaching ability allows him to show the student certain ‘break through’ moments when the student is able to break into a new plain with the lesson. Vance’s lesson and music in general have given my life a quality I would not have had if I had not played music in public. Besides being a great teacher, Vance is a very fine human being and true friend of mine. Oh, by the way, you should hear HIM play!  I have traveled on many occasions and listened to many of the bands he has performed in. They range from rock, blues bands to heavy metal. If you are excited about learning to play drums, you owe it to yourself to give Vance a call.”   -Bob F.